top of page is a website that provides information and resources for expats living in Munich, Germany. The website covers a range of topics, including housing, transportation, healthcare, employment, and cultural events.

One of the key features of is its community forum, where expats can connect with each other, share information and advice, and ask questions about living in Munich. The forum is moderated by a team of experienced expats who are available to provide support and guidance.

In addition to the forum, also offers a range of resources and guides for expats, including a comprehensive city guide, a job board, and a directory of local businesses and services. The website also features a calendar of upcoming events and activities in Munich, including cultural festivals, sports events, and social gatherings.

Overall, is a valuable resource for expats living in Munich, providing a wealth of information and support to help them navigate life in a new city and make the most of their expat experience.

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